The Dead Yet to Come

Posted June 16, 2021
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Prayers for the dead yet to come once the apocalypse comes When the world becomes undone, struck blind and dumb Mindless wander the earth searching for someone To ease the pain, or at least make it numb There is reprieve for some, though hated for what they didn't become Reprieve is short lived for the need to be hidden Pretending to be something they're not finally forced on them The irony is the real is now fake to everyone Just to stay living amongst those doomed by their choices Despised because at a time they had voices Always the cautionary tale, even sometimes told boisterous Now silenced, forever lost due to others poisons It's a shame really, the silent deaths is a silenced life And the horrors of the day create the terrors at night And even the sharpest eye in the blackest night is useless of sight Until it sees that faint glimmer of light